Peer Support

Over the last year the membership of the D15 Disability Peer Support Group has grown and continues to go from Strength to strength. There are a large number of people who actively take part in the group and they all say they are delighted with its progress.

The group discusses real issues around what life is like for disabled people living day to day in the area. Information is shared on how to access services, tips on how to manage certain skills, advice on how to obtain a particular need (employment, housing, transport etc) and also shared knowledge and support about how to deal with your disability and how to get through some of the days when things might get you down. Some members of the group have taken to Twitter and by taking their taking part in different discussions on the net more people are aware of the group and the work they do.

The peer support group plan to have a public showing of their When someone has an issue, they are encouraged to address the issue with whoever can sort it out. This may involve writing a letter, making an appointment or simply addressing the issue face to face as it is happening. This type of interaction has been an empowering force for people who may have had a passive attitude to these matters in the past. BCIL distribute leaflets, brochures and information about disability related developments, seminars, conferences and other supports to ensure the members are kept up to date.

The meetings take place in the lecture room at the Blanchardstown Library at 2pm on the last Thursday of every month and there is always room for new members to join the group. BCIL provides transport for those who cannot use public transport and refreshments are available.