BCIL Community Garden


Blanchardsown Centre for independent living would like to welcome you to our community garden, located on Blackcourt road to the rear of genesis counselling service.

This fully accessible garden offers an oasis of calm to disabled people in the Dublin 15 area.

The garden was officially opened by local Minister Roderick O’Gorman on July 28th 2021 where a great day was had by all.

In October BCIL held an event to mark International eradication of poverty day and to raise awareness of the impact of poverty on disabled people.

We plan to use the garden for community events and awareness campaigns in to the future.

The garden is the ideal location for disabled people to relax and perhaps read a paper or a book or just to enjoy nature and a moment of peace and quiet. If anyone has an interest in gardening or has any ideas for the garden, please contact BCIL.

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