BCIL Services

Blanchardstown has always been committed to ensuring that the principles of independent Living - choices, rights, empowerment and control are embodied in all aspects of our work and this has always come through in all our projects.

Home Support/Maintenance Scheme

BCIL provide a home support/maintenance scheme to local people with disabilities. The team goes to people’s houses and carries out basic maintenance works in the homes and gardens.

The service is invaluable to those who avail of it and the social contact with the team reduces isolation in the community.

At present there are a large number of clients who receive a regular service and during the summer we would have a greater number as we do a gardening service.

Information Provision

We continue to update and provide information to the local community in the area of disability, that is available in the BCIL office.

BCIL distribute leaflets, brochures and information about disability related developments, seminars, conferences and other supports to ensure the members are kept up to date.

We look at the service that are available locally, and see how accessible these are to all people and analyse the difficulties, if any, experienced, by people, with disabilities when availing of these services.

Access All Areas – Radio Show - 92.5FM

The award winning radio show “Access All Areas” deals with all issues relating to the disability sector in the D15 area. The show The show goes out weekly for an hour and has won a gold award for broadcasting for the national Broadcasting Authority.

There are staff members and volunteers involved in the production and the aim is to give a voice to disabled people in the area around their issues, highlight areas of development for people with disabilities and to share relevant information that will allow people access to more information on independent living.

Volunteer Service

The aim of our Volunteer Service is to reduce isolation by matching volunteers to people with disabilities to accompany them on social events/appointments promoting inclusion and to empower people with disabilities to become active citizens within their community.

Our volunteer service is continuing to grow at a steady pace.

Connect Car

We have two accessible cars which can take one wheelchair user and three other passengers in each.

This service has grown with demand increasing daily and we have formed links with other organisation’s within the Dublin 15 area.

The cars are available for a donation and the service is run in the social model which empowers people to take control of their lives.

General Public

We raise awareness of Blanchardstown CIL and the social model of disability.

BCIL operates from a rights based approach.

We lobby government and service providers for change that will make our society a place that is accessible to all people.

BCIL continues to keep its profile within the local community and has had articles printed on developments in the Northside People, Blanchardstown Gazette and on the Activelink website for the community and voluntary sector.

The D15 Disability Peer Support Group

The D15 Disability Peer Support Group has gone from Strength to strength over the last number of years.

The group discusses real issues around what life is like for disabled people living day to day in the area. Information is shared on how to access services, tips on how to manage certain skills, advice on how to obtain a particular need (employment, housing, transport etc) and also shared knowledge and support about how to deal with your disability and how to get through some of the days when things might get you down.

When someone has an issue, they are encouraged to address the issue with whoever can sort it out. This may involve writing a letter, making an appointment or simply addressing the issue face to face as it is happening. This type of interaction has been an empowering force for people who may have had a passive attitude to these matters in the past.

The meetings take place in the lecture room at the Blanchardstown Library at 2pm on the last Thursday of every month and there is always room for new members to join the group. BCIL provides transport for those who cannot use public transport and refreshments are available.