Welcome to Blanchardstown Center for Independent Living


The Blanchardstown Center for Independent Living (BCIL) is a not for profit company limited by guarantee with charitable status.

It is a grassroots organisation run by people with disabilities for people with disabilities.

The services pioneered, promoted and supported by BCIL since 1994 enable people with disabilities to live independently, in many cases this is the difference between that person living at home and actively participating in their community rather that living in an institutional setting.

Apart from the obvious social benefits research shows that this results in significant economic savings for the state.

Independent Living is about having the freedom to have the same choices that everyone else has in housing, transportation, education and employment. Independent living is about choosing what aspects of social, economic and political life people want to participate in.

Independent living is about having control over your life, to have a family, to get a job, to participate socially and to realise your goals and dreams.

For many disabled people, Independent Living can best be achieved by the employment of Personal Assistants to provide supports where needed. Independent Living is not just about daily living. It is about self-determination, control, choice and the real freedom to make decisions. Independent Living is about people being empowered to challenge society barriers to achieving full and equal citizenship.

Blanchardstown CIL is part of a nationwide group of disability organisations who through representation by the Disability Federation of Ireland are present on national bodies of which report directly to the Minister of State with responsibility for Disability.

The motto for the independent living movement is:

Nothing About Us Without Us