Explore the rich tapestry of BCIL’s history by viewing the pictures above, showcasing the evolution of our organisation over the past 30 years:

Our 30th Anniversary

As BCIL (Blanchardstown Centre for Independent Living) marks its 30th anniversary, it is a momentous occasion to reflect on the positive impact made in the lives of countless individuals. The journey has been one of resilience, advocacy, and continuous improvement. We honor and extend our deepest gratitude to the dedicated staff, volunteers, committed board members, who have played a vital role in accomplishing our mission of offering unwavering support to individuals with disabilities, empowering them to live independently. The collective efforts have truly made a lasting impact.

A Celebration of Achievements

Celebrating 30 years of promoting accessibility for individuals with BCIL is a remarkable milestone. In the realm of transportation, our efforts have transformed the experience for those facing mobility challenges. The journey doesn’t end here – our commitment continues to ensure accessible and inclusive transportation options for community.

The evolution of our garden stands as a living testament to the power of collaboration, where volunteers worked tirelessly to create an inclusive place for everyone, regardless of ability.

In commemorating this significant anniversary, BCIL invites you to join hands in ensuring the sustainability and expansion of these crucial services. Your support at the fundraiser will contribute to the ongoing mission of making our services even more accessible and impactful for the community.


Join us in celebrating 30 years of BCIL’s unwavering commitment to supporting individuals with disabilities in our community!

By purchasing an event ticket, you not only stand a chance to win fantastic prizes but also contribute directly to our efforts in providing services and assistance for those in need – buy your ticket now and be part of something truly meaningful!

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Karen Smith – BCIL client and staff member

“Bcil is the best place to work and the transportation is very handy and accessible.”

Patrick O’Donnell – Staff Member

“It is been very rewarding experience and I have learned a lot about disability issues.”

Gerry Murray – Volunteer

“I love volunteering here because of the people and the work to do. They go beyond and above a normal days of work to look after the people we serve.”

“Nothing About Us Without Us”