Welcome to the Blanchardstown Center for Independent Living.


Blanchardstown CIL is a grassroots user-led organisation for people with disabilities with the main aim of ensuring that all people with disabilities achieve Independent Living, choice and control over their lives and full participation in society as equal citizens.

provide direct services to people with disabilities as detailed below,We network with Fingal Disability Network and Citizens Information Centre and numerous other local services in Dublin 15 where we promote the ethos of Independent Living we ensure that we include input from people whose lives are actually affected and continue to empower them in their Local community. We also maintain an action research role in monitoring and responding to developments in the world of Independent Living.

Core Values

Our core values are underpinned by the philosophy of Independent Living and all activities are aimed towards promoting; Independence, Options, Rights, Empowerment.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Center for Independent Living is to bring about real change in the lives of people with disabilities in order to achieve true Independent Living.
We will work to ensure that the principles of Independent Living, - Choices, Rights, Empowerment and Control - are intrinsically rooted in the thinking, policies, strategies and actions of all stakeholders.


  • To provide information and assistance on disabled people's journey to Independent living.
  • To promote equality and rights for people with disabilities.
  • To lobby for change in policy and services to enable people with disabilities to fully participate in mainstream society and to live a life of their own choosing.
  • To promote a new and positive image and perception of people with disabilities as contributors to society and active members in community life.
  • To lobby for personal assistants, maintenance and accompaniment service for all people with disabilities who need it and wish to use it.
  • To further the growth and development of the Independent living movement in Ireland.
  • To further expand the knowledge, experience and expertise available in various areas affecting people with disabilities through research into Housing, transport employment, education and recreation.