Green Paper on Disability Reform to be scrapped by the government after activists’ concerns

The announcement that Ireland’s Minister for Social Protection will not be implementing the Green Paper’s recommendations for disability payments has been warmly received by advocates for disabled people.

Minister Heather Humphreys stated: “Based on the feedback I have received to date, it is clear that there are significant concerns about the proposals,” as reported by the Irish Independent on Friday, April 12. I’ve heard these worries, and I can now say with certainty that the Green Paper’s recommendations won’t be put into practice.

“Our new Taoiseach Simon Harris has placed a major focus on improving supports for people with disabilities by giving a voice to special education at the Cabinet table in Minister Naughton and also with the establishment of a new special Cabinet Committee on Disability,” the Minister added. 

Certain activists emphasised that the tiered system would not lead to increased employment opportunities and that discrimination prevented disabled individuals from acquiring employment.

The Scrap the Green Paper coalition was formed in October 2023 after several disability rights organisations united their collective efforts to fight the ableist proposal which was causing distress within the disability community.

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