BCIL Message Women’s International Day

International Women’s Day is a globally day celebrating the achievements made towards gender equality, also to mark the strive made by those realizations for a greater impetus towards gender equality worldwide.

BCIL encourages a world free of discrimination, equality and inclusive. Disabled women are at an increased risk of marginalization, facing inequalities due to biases and stereotypes. We support disabled women face in their home, workplaces, educations, government institutions and society. We want to break down the barriers and give an accessible and inclusive of feminine voices.

Often, women with disabilities remained invisible just because of their gender or mobility problems, making them to be disadvantaged in society. Unfortunately, about women’s rights are often excluded from disability rights.

We are committed in moving forward and including full participation and involvement of women and girls with disability in decision-making, policy and legislation affecting disabled persons, in accordance with principle “Nothing about us, without us”.

Girls with disabilities usually have different aspirations and dreams that are hindered by various barriers, such as institutional, systemic, and environmental. It is their desire to not have to give up on their goals due to discrimination. Creating a society that is inclusive of all people is very important in promoting the well-being of those with disabilities.

One of the most practical ways to raise awareness about disability issues is by empowering individuals with disabilities to do self-advocacy. They are the experts on their own experiences, and this is a great way to make them more involved in the fight for inclusion. Our first direction is to acknowledge the untapped strength and resilience of women with disabilities, so that they can lead forward.