The DFI demand the government to ensure that the funding gap for people with disabilities is closed in Budget 2024

The Disability Federation of Ireland (DFI) is calling on the government to close the gap and to invest in people with disabilities in Budget 2024.

The DFI ‘s Submission for the Pre-Budget, published on 29th June, discussed the high levels of exclusion and poverty that individuals with disabilities experience. This is despite the government’s robust financial position and growth.

In Budget 2024, the DFI Ireland is advocating for various measures that would ensure that disabled people have the same opportunities to live independently. These include housing, adequate income, and social care support that would allow them to access timely healthcare.

The DFI also urged the government to address the crisis affecting the services that people with disabilities rely on. This issue is due to the lack of funding and the threat of their sustainability. It is essential that the government provides the necessary resources to ensure that these services are maintained.

The full Pre-Budget Submission to read out is available on the DFI website: Budget 2024 | Disability Federation of Ireland (

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