The launch of the European Disability Card is expected to boost the free movement of people with disabilities

The European Commission’s proposal to establish a European disability card is a significant step in improving the free movement of people with disabilities.

The proposal’s expansion has met the disability movement’s demands, and we are glad to see that non-EU nationals will now be able to enjoy the same privileges when traveling to other countries as their EU counterparts. In addition to the establishment of the EU Disability Card, the Commission’s proposal to reinforce the current regulations of the parking card from a directive recommendation is a significant step in making the lives of individuals with disabilities easier.

The disability movement also noted that more concrete measures are needed to address the issue of inaccessibility. In order for people with disabilities to have full freedom of movement within the EU, various factors such as transport, digital technologies, and the built environment must be fully accessible.

In this new article, the European Disability Forum looks into the proposals made by the Commission regarding the card.