The Board of Director Ledha( League for the rights of people with disabilities) highlited the importance of their work with BCIl as they are the voice of persons with disabilities in Milano

The LEDHA works to protect the rights of individuals with disabilities. It also offers information and legal advice, and it acts as an intermediary between individuals and certain Lombard institutions.

A great deal of work and consultation took place in the BCIL offices with the Director Giovanny Merlo, where we had the chance to discuss and exchange experiences such as accesibility and independent living. LEDHA: “sustains the streghtening of organizations’ network and spreads useful information to organizations about their own development.”

In 2017, the LEDHA launched a process that aimed to establish territorial coordinations that are focused on protecting the rights of people living with disabilities. These coordinations are currently active in various regions such as Milan, Brianza, Como, Lodi, Monz, Pavia and Varese.

The LEDHA is composed of 19 regional associations and eight territorial coordinations. It represents various organizations that provide services and support to individuals with disabilities in Lombardy.

The goal of LEDHA is to improve the living conditions of individuals with disabilities by being their spokesperson. It also aims to ensure that their rights are respected and that society is inclusive.

BCIL would like to thank Giovanni Merlo for the feedback, as they were able to provide helpful suggestions during the discussions with our members.

If you would like to know more about LEDHA’s work, visit their website.