Ireland is set to host its inaugural Disability Arts Festival Disrupt


The Disrupt Disability Arts Festival, Ireland’s pioneering annual event celebrating disability in the arts, is set to kick off this spring. The festival starts on March 7 and continues until April 20

Disrupt is characterized as an energetic tribute to disability art, carefully crafted by and for the disability community. Although the complete lineup for the festival will be revealed on February 6, organizers have hinted at an array of performances, including theatre, dance, literature, and visual arts. These creative expressions will be presented in various accessible formats within comfortable and relaxed spaces.

There will be a Performance Programme scheduled from March 7 to 11 and the Visual Arts Exhibition and Online Programme taking place from March 8 to April 20. The exhibition, named “Distinct,” delves into the climate crisis from the unique viewpoint of disability.

Speaking about the exhibition, curator and Disrupt Co-Director Alan James Burns said: “Disabled people are routinely and systematically not considered in climate action projects, policies, and discussions, yet people with lived experience of disability have expert skill sets which are needed to address the climate emergency.”

“Distinct” will be complemented by a hybrid program featuring discussions, performances, touch-tours, and workshops. The exhibition will be showcased both at Temple Bar’s Project Arts Centre and online for the entire duration of the festival.

Visit Disrupt Disability Arts Festival for more details.