Impact of Disability Vote Counts in the Local and EU Elections


Mapping Key Topics: Advocacy Priorities For Disability Communities

On June 7, 2024, there will be local and European elections this year. Taking advantage of the opportunity to vote is important for people with disabilities.

In the first meeting session Bcil and disability groups came together to discuss issues relating to chalenges they face in every day life.

Following the session, BCIL and other disability advocacy groups successfully called on all local candidates running for office to prioritise disability issues. They requested that, if elected, these candidates take the initiative to propose and support measures that can make more accessible for people with disabilities to participate in every aspect of society. This may include factors like access to housing, work and education opportunities, public transport, accessible pathways, and accessible walkways.

The second session gave the opportunity to address these concerns to local candidates.This last session provided a chance to also call on all candidates running for the European Parliament to declare their support, take action to promote the rights of people with disabilities, and commit to creating an inclusive future for those with disabilities.

The perspectives of people with disabilities are essential, and both local and European decision-making processes need to acknowledge and analyse them.

Photos from the May 2nd ‘Your Vote Counts’ session at Blanchardstown library.