REVEALED-Top 10 Most Accessible Cities’ in the world for travellers with disabilities

A new study conducted by the Valuable 500, which is a collective of CEO’s committed to making the world a better place for people with disabilities, revealed the 10 most accessible cities across the world.

Research by Valuable 500, a global collective of 500 CEOs and their companies advocating for inclusion, asked 3,500 respondents with disabilities across the UK, US, Australia, China and Japan what they believed was the most accessible city in the world.

The study was conducted by the organization to rank the top 10 most accessible cities worldwide. It was based on various criteria such as accessibility of transport links and accommodation close to cultural attractions.

The list below shows the ten most accessible cities worldwide according to the votes of disabled travelers:

1.Amsterdam (Netherlands)

2.Las Vegas (NV)

3.New York (USA)


5.Paris (France)

6.Shanghai (China)

7.London (UK)

8.Singapore (Singapore)

9.Sydney (Australia)

10.Tokyo (Japan)

The findings of the study, which were presented by the VALUABLE 500 at the World Travel Market, were based on the testimonies of thousands of disabled individuals from various countries. The respondents provided their feedback on various factors related to accessibility, such as the proximity of accommodations, transport links, and cultural attractions.

“Our research shows that across both the public and private sectors in travel and tourism industry, these cities consistently score well in the accessibility rankings. However, worldwide, tourist boards still aren’t making the necessary headway to remove the physical and ethical barriers to ensure cities are truly accessible for all” said Caroline Casey, Valuable 500 founder.

Read full report on the following link: New research reveals ‘Top 10 Most Accessible Cities’ in the world. – The Valuable 500