Saint Patrick’s Day has grown to an international festival that’s full of activities celebrating Irish culture. People from different countries participate in various events, including parades and fireworks. In addition, people are encouraged to wear green clothing and makeup.

The county council of Fingal was responsible for organizing last year’s St. Patrick’s parade. It was the first parade in Blanchardstown since the restrictions on covid usage were implemented. BCIL was the first group to participate in the parade, which was led by Daniel Whooley, who was the deputy mayor of Fingal. BCIL staff members and volunteers were able to share the message about independent life with the people of Dublin 15, who gathered to watch the parade.

BCIL will be participating in the parade again in 2023. This year’s theme will be “See the Ability Not The Disability.” The event is a great opportunity to celebrate and raise awareness about disability. BCIL is looking forward to having a great time at the parade.

BCIL holds the parade in Blanchardstown on March 17 to celebrate the holiday. Everyone is welcome to attend and enjoy the celebration. So come out and join us to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! If you would like to be part of the parade, please contact us at volunteer@bcil.ie

Here are some of the best shots from past celebrations with BCIL…